Automatic steel bending machine
Issue Time:2017-11-02

I.The instruction of weighing meter

Automatic steel bending machine rely on steel feed servo and bending servo to form polygonal, spiral, round and straight steel bar.

Automatic steel bending machine206

II.Project instruction

According to the set pattern as well as the wire length and angle, this machine could fold out the specific shape, also the folding speed is adjustable and it can be suspended or stopped
The control system is consist of HMI (LEVI-102LK) and plc (LX3V-1408MT).

III.Program instruction

HMI program
1.Main screen
The main screen shows the current position of the wire feeding and the angle as well as the folding speed. The folding angle and speed could be changed at any time.

Automatic steel bending machine703

2.Pattern configuration setting
The pattern could be straight, spiral, circle or polygon.

Automatic steel bending machine795Automatic steel bending machine802Automatic steel bending machine818Automatic steel bending machine821

3.Steel feeding parameter configuration
This screen is used to set the feed roller circumference, servo resolution, reduction ratio, the distance (between knife edge and elbow) and servo acceleration and deceleration time.

Automatic steel bending machine1046
PLC program
1.Pulse part

Automatic steel bending machine1073Automatic steel bending machine1076

The system can produce various shapes steel bars stably and quickly

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