The Assembly of Electric Control Cabinet
Issue Time:2017-07-01

A qualified and stable control cabinet plays a vital role in the automatic control system. The key factor in stability is the anti-jamming capability, how to improve the anti-jamming capability of the control cabinet is our goal from beginning to end pursuit.

Introduction to EMC(Electro Magnetic Compatibility)

Electromagnetic compatibility is a function of electronic equipment, equipment or systems in the electromagnetic environment can work properly to complete its function and does not constitute anything in the environment that can not bear the electromagnetic interference.

Automation products include PLC, touch screen, servo, invert, low voltage electrical appliances, industrial instrumentation and so on. In these products, each product has its own electromagnetic compatibility standards, so in the industrial control system for each product of electromagnetic compatibility requirements are not the same.

Reasonable Layout of Electrical Components

Although Wecon LX-PLC conforms to EMS (EN61000-6-2) electromagnetic sensitivity, EMI (EN50081-2) electromagnetic interference and EN61131-2 power supply standard, but other electrical components do not guarantee compliance with the above criteria, so as the core control components, PLC or as far as possible away from other sources of interference.

For Example:

Red: AC line stands for interference source, Blue: DC line stands for control area

The layout is unreasonable:


The lower right side of the frequency converter should be aligned with the left terminal block.

The layout is reasonable:



In addition to the above installation,the electronic control cabinet can be installed in front and back, the front is a strong part of the interference source, the opposite is weak, shown as below.



Standardize the reasonable cable

1.Signal line and power line cable, as far as possible (cabinet at least 20mm distance), try to avoid parallel cable, if you need to cross, you can only vertical cross.
2.Non-equipotential device connection, the control line of the shield must be single-ended ground. Equipotential device connection, the control line of the shield needs to be grounded at both ends.
3.To avoid zero in one, control components, sensors, frequency converters, servo controllers and other electrical components to be grounded separately.


Suitable power switching
1.Sufficient power of the switching power supply to ensure that the encoder, proximity switches, photoelectric switches, pressure sensors and other sensors are always in the best working condition.
2.Sufficient power of the switching power supply can support, PLC analog input, output module, temperature module, weighing module and other modules of the normal work.

Only with the above four elements, it can be called qualified control cabinet.

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