Roller coating laminating machine
Issue Time:2017-05-27

  1. introduction

Roller coating and laminating machine,mainly be used in board where will paste a variety of decorative materials,such as PVC、wood grain paper. The characteristic are high speed and big power,which makes the board smooth without wrinkling.It is an ideal equipment to large board factory.This machine can process material which are wood paper and PU paper and PVC paper and melamine fumiture surface paper and so on. The board’s material are particleboard, MDF, three plywood, plywood and so on.

  1. Technological requirement

Roller coating lamination machine include different parts,such as independent dust,coating machine,laminating machine,first hot pressing,second hot pressing.Machine tool is mainly composed of glue part,veneer part,pressing part ,stop pressing part,electrical control part,rubber basin,transmission part and machine body.

  1. Project

This control system uses Levi700LK HMI.The PLC controller isLX3V-3624MT4H-A.PLC module is LX3V-4PT.

This system works through the combination of PLC and temperature module.PID controls the temperature channel which is hot and dry,and makes the temperature set in a stable temperature.Setting different part’s speed and running mode by HMI to adjust plate of board,and make better fit.

  1. operating screen

4.1 Running screen:In this screen,user can set the speed of production line.User can stop or run machine by manual and automatic.And also can display every part’s state.


4.2 PID setting screen:user can set PID parameter to control temperature


4.3 Speed compensation screen:confirm frequency of line speed by actual parameter. If the test is not correct,user can debug parameter to get correct speed.


  1. PLC project

    1.Controlling PID rises discontinuously,and make the temperature more stable.heating is more quickly.华南区-林妙杰-010-20161130-涂胶贴合机-木工行业1826

    2.Use RS command to communicate with five inverter by RS485.The advantage is that PLC only send one command in same time.This will make communication more stable and quick.Also can judge which inverter communication has failure.


  1. Project summary

The main difficulty of this project is that PLC need to control temperature through PID function. Because this is not heating iron bar temperature.Heating rod translates the temperature to external steel iron bar or glue iron bar through oil.So heating temperature rises will be fast and cooling also will be fast in begin.But the temperature rises slowly in total iron bar and cooling also is slow.This will lead PID adjustment more difficult.If PLC communicate with many inverters,it is not easy to ensure inverter more stable.

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