WECON HMI and PLC in Paper Cutting Machine
Issue Time:2017-05-19

  1. 1.Introduction

The Paper Cutting Machine is a paper processing machine which cut the wide reel paper, and reel them into coil again, the coil has different range of width and diameters when the process finished. This machine is widely used in paper processing industry or printed machinery and equipment. 

The paper cutting machine is controlled by HMI ans PLC, the control is a kind of magnetic powder clutch tension control, and coiling in the center. Using converter to control its speed can calculate the length and emergency stop automatically when it alarms.

  1. 2.Programming

    1)Select mode screen

There are three modes can be selected: normal mode, macro mode, electronic mode


2)Introduction of normal mode

For example, the normal screen can control the Run, Stop, Calculating, Coiling, alarm functions.


3.Points of the program

This system controlled by the communication among HMI, PLC and converter. Pay attention to the counter and stop& run of the converter.


Basic in the HMI and PLC controlled cutting machine, the HMI display the status of the system and control the system. This realize automatically control and save labor costs.

 The HMI is convenient and operate easily. It improve control efficiency and reliability, reduce incident  failure, and also make the control process intelligent, visualization.

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