Chapter 2 Easy Programming Makes Better Project
Issue Time:2017-05-17

SEPT_Ⅲ、Calculation Programming——–First by multiply to improve the accuracy  

All the data are recommended by floating format.

Display and setting device on the HMI are better to distinguish with colors, which will not confuse the operators  and avoid unnecessary trouble.

For example, blue with white characters for display only, and yellow with blue characters for Setting.


When performing arithmetic, it should be first by multiply to improve the accuracy. Calculation formula need to be reduced before PLC programming. As for the complicated calculation formula, which is not straight forward in PLC ladder diagram, should be programmed in HMI script. After programmed in HMI script then can transferred to PLC. Wecon all HMI series has powerful function of script computing.




Data operation should be programmed firstly and next to compare with the result or execute other output actions

SEPT_Ⅳ、The Programming of Action Execution—–Security、Interlocking、 protection

First, emergency stop, stop, limits should be programmed firstly in case the equipment can not quit or cause damage when debugging. First of all need make sure equipment safety, to make it stop once you want. A project without security mechanism is not perfect and completed.

Second, programming of manual mode for Smooth debugging. As for the control of (forward and reverse) . As for the SET setting instruction, need consider if a latch register (power-down hold type) is used and whether to reset the RST at the time of power-on initialization, to prevent the device from starting suddenly, or the action is not executed according to the intended action.

As for the instruction of high pulse output, frequency, the number of pulses, acceleration and deceleration time and other parameters are set firstly, and then program high pulse instruction.


Third, programming of automatic mode. Automatic mode programming will be easy after the completion of Manual mode programming.

Here we recommend DECO instruction for automatic mode, because this instruction is very clear, logical and good for future modification, deletion and finding fault. More details please refer to Wecon Programming Manual & Help Center in Wecon PLC Editor software.


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