The Application of Wecon HMI&PLC Automatic Turning Sander
Issue Time:2017-01-21

I、Brief Introduction

A sander is a power tool used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Sanders have a means to attach the sandpaper and a mechanism to move it rapidly contained within a housing with means to hand-hold it or fix it to a workbench. The automatic turning sander is widely available on Veneer production process, the production of standard parts, toys and crafts industry, decoration and furniture industry, floor wall panel building materials industry, etc..

II、Technological requirements 

Knob down(drivers start)→Start grinding wheel→Starting conveyor belt→Conveyor belt up or down→ Device fully activated


Woodworking sanders are usually powered electrically, and those used in auto-body repair work by compressed air. There are many different types of sanders for different purposes. Multi-purpose power tools and electric drills may have sander attachments.

  1. Simple operation
  2. High degree of automation
  3. High production efficiency
  4. Mature technology and Stability control
  5. Assembly line


The control system is composed of HMI and PLC

HMI:LEVI-700L    PLC:LX3V-1616MR

Actually, Automatic Turning Sander:

1:Production alarm

2:Monitoring equipment

3:Fault alarm and protection

4:Current height Display

5:Frequency converter set and display(Via RS485)。

6:Equipment running state

V、HMI Program

HMI program(Part)


PLC program(Part)



Sanding equipment unceasing renewal. As some new edge technology continue to emerge, the grinding quality and efficiency continue to improve.

Wecon’s HMI and PLC have the characteristics of high efficiency,stability. Such as accurate counting on the application of the high speed counting instruction, and 485 communication anti-jamming capability,.In order to meet the technical requirements of the customers, and improve the control precision and stability of the equipment. Wecon’s Products are gradually being recognized by the market.



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