Wecon HMI and PLC application in rubber cutting industry
Issue Time:2016-12-11
  1. 1、Introduction

Matrial cutting is used in various industries, and each industry with its own feature. Then main difference is the way feeding and fix due to different characteristic of material. But the working principle is almost the same. Now this system of rubber cutting machine is cutting one cylindrical shape rubber.

  1. 2、Application requirement

The key point of this cutting system is how to feed and handle the tailing. Because the length of raw material is not unified, but the cutting length is unified, so the difficulty is how to cut whole length, and fix the position and length of feed warehouse and knife/


Wecon HMI levi 700EL ,  PLC LX3V-1208MT-A2, servo WKSQ-750KW

Wecon HMI work with PLC, wecon HMI under operation mode, with control and debug function. And PLC control servo precisely to feed and fix a position./

4、Program and displaypage introduction

Display page, showing qty and speed of rubber material, setup operation mode, the required length and qty


parameter set up


  1. 5、Senor will recognise if the material cutting is finished, if yes, it will clip the end of rubber


  1. 6、It will recognise the end of rubber due to length and position of material,  then decide go to cycle procedure or alarm for end hanling.


  1. 7、Summary

The main issue is tailing hanle,  and better recognize the length of tailing at different work status

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