Definition of human machine interface products
Issue Time:2016-11-14
Definition of human machine interface products
Connected with the programmable controller (PLC), frequency converter, DC governor, instruments and other industrial control equipment, the display, the input unit (such as a touch screen, keyboard, mouse) write parameters or input operation command, realizes the human and machine information interactive digital equipment, which is composed of two parts of hardware and software.
The composition and working principle of the human machine interface (HMI) product
The man-machine interface products by the hardware and software of two parts, the hardware part includes a processor, a display unit, an input unit, communication interface, data storage unit, wherein the processor performance determines the performance of HMI products, is the core element of HMI. According to HMI product level is different, the processor can be used 8, 16, 32 bit processor. HMI software is generally divided into two parts, that is, running in the HMI hardware system software and running in the Windows PC operating system under the screen configuration software (such as HMI - JB screen configuration software). Users must first use the HMI screen configuration software production "project file", and then through the PC machine and HMI serial communication port, the preparation of a good "project file" to download to the HMI processor.
The basic function and type selection index of man-machine interface products
Basic function:
Equipment operating status display, such as the indicator light, buttons, text, graphics, curves, etc.
Data, text input operation, print output
Production formula storage, equipment production data records
Simple logic and numerical operation
Can connect a variety of industrial control equipment networking
Selection index:
Display size and color, resolution
Processor speed performance of HMI
Input mode: touch screen or thin film keyboard
Picture storage capacity, pay attention to the capacity of the unit is marked by the size of the unit (byte), or bit (bit)
Type and quantity of communication port, whether to support printing function
Human machine interface product classification
Film key input HMI display size is less than 5.7 ', the screen configuration software for free, is the primary product. Such as POPHMI small man-machine interface
Touch screen input HMI, the screen size is 5.7 'to 12.1' screen configuration, free software, an intermediate product
A variety of high performance computer, tablet PC communication port, based on HMI, the display size is greater than 10.4 ', the picture is a high-end product configuration software charges.
Method of using human computer interface
Clearly monitor the task requirements, select the appropriate HMI products
Edit the project file with the picture configuration software on the PC machine"
Test and save the edited "project file"
PC machine connected to the HMI hardware, download "project file" to HMI
Connecting HMI and industrial controller (such as PLC, instrument, etc.), to achieve human-computer interaction
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