The application of Wecon PLC and HMI on woodworking machine with three rows drill
Issue Time:2016-11-05
  1. 1、Description

The three row drilling machine is mainly used for processing a particleboard, MDF, plywood and other wood products. The machine adopts automatic control, working process are pneumatic clamping, pneumatic feeding tool, with one-time processing three rows of a plurality of holes, repeat operation with one-time setting and control panel shows the total number of processing. V1, V2 row of drill row can be in 0 ~ 90 degrees for arbitrary rotation, which is necessary for cabinet, furniture factory.


  1. 1.Wecon HMI, PLC with powerful function and low failure rate.

2, Wide drilling hole range, all the drill header come with quick connector, convenient;

3, drilling depth, drilling distance are widely used high-performance switch, fast positioning and accurate;

4, the use of imported original brand drill row, motor, linear guide, durable;

5, PLC and HMI can set the row of the motor work and binder delay. So that control could be more accurate


There are two modes in this equipment.

Auto Mode: Automatic mode can be set for each of the horizontal and vertical motor / cylinder operation. In the synchronous operation, depress the pressure on the material and then the horizontal motor and cylinder vertical 1 vertical 2 motor cylinder at the same time, to reach the upper limit after the cylinder to stop working. After the delay time, the motor stops working.

Asynchronous mode: press the foot switch to start working then the vertical pressure 1 and vertical 2 going to work, when the vertical 1 work is completed after the level of the motor to work.


Manual operation: manual operation can set the pressure solenoid valve horizontal vertical 1 and vertical 2, Motor stopped and only cylinder running when switching to the calibration mode.


Parameter setting: can set their own parameters and data according to the needs of customers and the scene.



With the PLC and touch screen which could set more specific parameter, it can be set more detailed and specific parameters according to the needs of the scene. Touch screen display which is simple and intuitive for monitoring.

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