The application of Wecon HMI&PLC on the automatic feeding machine
Issue Time:2016-10-31
  1. 1、Introduction

Automatic quantitative packing scale used in the industrial automation automatic quantitative packing, the entire weighing process is controlled by the controller automatically. It has many features like high speed, high precision, saving cost, simple to operation, and easy to maintenance. In the process of the production, all packaging scales need the Feeding machine to coordinate with each other and complete the work. In this application, this feeding machine feed 4 packing scale automatically.

  1. 2、Process requirements

The PLC judges that which silo is short of material according to the photoelectric Signal, and controls the stepper motor to position, run the silo car to the top of the feed hopper, and feed it. After the feeding finished, it go back to the start place.


3. Solutions


  • The feeding car feed the silo of 4 packing scales.
  • Each silo has a Photo detector, when it needs feeding, it send the signal of that.
  • The car will be driven by a stepping motor, to reach the top of the silo which need to be fed.
  • The air cylinder operate,the The discharge opening open to begin discharge.
  • The car return to original place, the feed opening feed the car, until it reaches the upper limit.

    4.A brief introduction of the program

  • The main screen of operation: The screen is an operating screen, it shows the signal of lacking in material, the statue of feeding material, and the OPEN and STOP buttons, etc.


  • Manual screen


  • Parameter setting screen


  • Factory Parameter setting screen


  • Part of PLC program



  • It calculates accurately of the pulse and the distance.
  • When the four silos need to feed at the same time, it deals according to the priority.
  • It uses the DECO instruction to control, it runs by steps.
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