WECON HMI&PLC are applied to wire bending ring machine
Issue Time:2016-10-20
I. Introduction
Wire bending ring machine driven twist 50-100CM wire into a ring. This machine has high degree of automation, but has a low failure rate, and an operator can operate multiple devices, greatly save the manpower cost
Device list:
1. Servo *1
2. LX3V-2416MT4H-A *1
3. LEVI 700LK *1
4. Some cylinders
5. Some solenoid valves
6. Some proximity switch
II. Principle
The core of this equipment is servo motor. There are 4 servo motors; A servo is used to transfer the wire, B and C servo motors used for bending the end of the wire. And D servo motor is mainly responsible for screwing wire into ring.
III. Introduced
1. Main control screen
2. Manual control screen
3. Parameters setting screen
4. Instructions screen
5. PLC project
IV. Key points of project
The bending servo has two actions and those action are in the same, but with the opposite direction, so user could set one of servo to cash back output.
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