WECON HMI and PLC application in Tissue Machine
Issue Time:2016-10-20
Tissue Machine is used for cutting the paper materials according to the fixed length and fold it.can be a production line with packing machine ,make a small bags of paper and other producs.
                             Pull part and cut part of Tissue Machine
The following picture is the control cabinet of Tissue Machine,that use the WECON Lxis-20mr/mt plc and 7-inch HMI.
(1)There are two proximity switch to provide signal and to calculate the length of tissue in each lap.as shown in figure 3, one is for calculation of the length of tissue length,the other is for count.
(2)Use an encoder signal to complete synchronization with previous machine, need to figure out the speed of the servo in a short time.
(3)To update the average length of tissue each lap.
(4)The reduction ratio of the servo and cutter axis is 1/6,reduction ratio is external manually modify,like Blue gear in the picture below.
                  Internal structure of issue machine
1The following picture is operation screen.
2PLC use the command of the SPA in the Tissue Machine.The following picture shows computing of follow speed.
Error of actual length and measured length is between 1-2mm, pass the test,it meet manufacturers requirements and have higher accuracy than the original system.HMIreplace text HMI,more flexible and operable.
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