The application of Wecon HMI & PLC – cold header
Issue Time:2016-10-20

1. Introduction

Cold header machine is a mechanical manufacturing punching machine, without any change in the raw material (mainly softening, hardening or other similar treatment) when the material is formed into a desired shape (generally say are shaped as “steps”).

At end of the crankshaft is installed with a pair of bevel gears, bevel gear drivers shaft, which is mounted vertically with scissors slider. The utility model overcomes the deficiencies of the prior art, running a small friction coefficient and impact of its feed cut-off mechanism between components, so that equipment running smoothly, effectively reduces the operating noise, greatly improves product quality and productivity.

Cold heading process fastener manufacturing method, connections (such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, etc.) used in steel called cold heading steel, commonly known as riveting Lo steel. Commonly used type alloy quenched, tempering type alloy structural steel, low-carbon low-alloy high strength steel, ferrite – martensite dual-phase steel. Cold heading is at room temperature, use of Metal Forming. Manufacturing fasteners by cold heading process, not only high efficiency, good quality, and the use of materials, low cost. But cold heading process for high quality raw materials.

2. System

Wecon LEVI430T HMI, LX2N-20MT PlC and inverter

3. HMI Design

Counter function showing the speed of packs per minute, black means normal, read means abnormal.

Time setting
4. PLC design
5. Product
6. Conclusion
WECON touch-screen full-featured, reliable, durable, simple programming, compared with other HMI products, friendly interface to the user programming and maintenance bring great convenience. With the development of industrial automation, WECON touch screen support PLC, SCM and PC automation system solutions, more and more popular. WECON HMI touch screen is a shining star. High reliability, long life, high performance so that more and more end-users, system integrators, automation of all ages.
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