Wecon HMI and PLC colour pen machine application
Issue Time:2016-10-20
1colour pen
The technological requirement of Marker machine is simple relatively, the control of machine use the encoder or input and output points to control motion of air cylinder.
2project design
We-con 700L HMI and LX-3V-1212MT PLC
3Interface design
Automatic interface: communication with frequency converter, real-time monitoring and control of frequency to convert speed.
4The Plc program design Plc
Overall construction: Wecon PLC controls functions, You could know more clearly through this frame of programming.It provides convenience for modification in the future. 
Communication setting 
The important side is that communications with frequency converter. This side has a lot of experience at communications of devices with various brands.
Data comparison
 Wecon HMI have complete functions and reliable application and durable hardware and simple programming.Wecon HMi interface is beautiful by comparing with other HMI products.It brings convenience to the user programming and service very much. Along with the development of industrial automation, Wecon HMI and PLC and singlechip and PC automation system solutions are more and more popular.Wecon HMI and PLC have high reliability and highly cost effective, to attract more and more customers to choose Wecon product.
sweep yards
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