Application of WECON HMI and PLC in Automatic Bun Machine
Issue Time:2016-10-20

I. Introduction

Buns are common foods. Traditional handmade buns can not meet the requirements, because it has the shortcoming of reuqiring more manpower, slow and so on. Automatic buns machine can pressed leather, twisted filling, forming and other movements automatically, after forming sent by conveyor belt. There are many advantages, such as faster, saving manpower, cost and so on.
 HMI: LEVI700L*1
 PLC: LX3V-24MR*1
Ⅱ. Operating principle
1. Put the dough and stuffing into the machine bun machine. Turn on and into the system.
2. Debug the machine manually, and then set time for each action.
3. After debug, please switch to automatic mode, bun machine will run automatically.
4. After reaching the set number, the machine will stop running automatically.
Ⅲ. Program Introduction
1. The operation screen: This screen includes start-stop system, automatic switching hands, the screen switches, manual debugging buttons and so on.
2. The parameter settings screen: This screen for parameter settings, mainly for debugging controlling time of each action.
3. Procedure Screen: This screen describes the steps for the user to learn to operate.
Ⅳ. PLC project



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